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Currently I have several stories “in progress”. Unfortunately I seem to suffer some kind of writer’s ADHD – can’t just finish one story and move to the next.

So, right now I’m trying to:

* finish “But if you can still dream” – of which I have 20 chapters written and published on and 7 more plotter/drafted [Doctor Who]

* plan, draft and at least think of a way to end for “Sand between my toes” – of this story I have snippets, not enough even to publish here, yet [Grey’s Anatomy]

* carefully think through and at least plan “Lil Grey Girls” because for the time being I have 5 pages in my notebook and the general idea of what I want [Grey’s, again]

* finish or kill “Memory”, which I started to post on FFNet and which subsequently died on me as I lost my momentum with it

* add some more content to “Have a nice life, Mr Darcy” & its linked stories, as I’ve managed to write the beginning, spots in the middle, and almost-finish [Pride and Prejudice]

* Finish “Medical Care” – multiple-universe x-over (for all who love SF references – DW, B5, SG, Discworld, all crashing into Pride and Prejudice universe)

* finish “Firsts, Lasts and Onlys” without scarring anyone more [Pride and Prejudice]

* work a bit on two “Parents’ Trap” look-a-likes [P&P, DW]

* work on/plot three pieces of original prose

– futuristic short prose. Involves space travel, but only a bit.

– fantasy mid-size prose.

– short: a new perspective on human camping in the woods

* Put together my An Ashes to Ashes story, more or less planned & parts written.

* Take care of Silver Lace Doily – HP story, to be translated (and finished)

* Give more details to yet another P&P story (not really started properly yet, just some notes in my notepad and a bit of one chapter) – will involve a change of name and desperate measures.


Now, some of them were already published on FFNet, some only exist in my yWriter or even only on dead trees – in my notepad. I will be publishing them here as soon as I get their stories sorted out and beginnings written properly. Each story will have its own category.


Written by Srebrna

2013/07/24 at 20:36

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