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Currently I have several stories “in progress”. Unfortunately I seem to suffer some kind of writer’s ADHD – can’t just finish one story and move to the next.

So, right now I’m trying to:

* finish “But if you can still dream” – of which I have 20 chapters written and published on and 7 more plotter/drafted [Doctor Who]


* plan, draft and at least think of a way to end for “Sand between my toes” – of this story I have snippets, not enough even to publish here, yet [Grey’s Anatomy]

On hold

* carefully think through and at least plan “Lil Grey Girls” because for the time being I have 5 pages in my notebook and the general idea of what I want [Grey’s, again]

On hold

* finish or kill “Memory”, which I started to post on FFNet and which subsequently died on me as I lost my momentum with it

Still thinking

* add some more content to “Have a nice life, Mr Darcy” & its linked stories, as I’ve managed to write the beginning, spots in the middle, and almost-finish [Pride and Prejudice]

On hold

* Finish “Medical Care” – multiple-universe x-over (for all who love SF references – DW, B5, SG, Discworld, all crashing into Pride and Prejudice universe)


* finish “Firsts, Lasts and Onlys” without scarring anyone more [Pride and Prejudice]


* work a bit on two “Parents’ Trap” look-a-likes [P&P, DW]

…which became DPDT and the other kind of died.

* work on/plot three pieces of original prose

– futuristic short prose. Involves space travel, but only a bit.

– fantasy mid-size prose.

– short: a new perspective on human camping in the woods

Forgot about these. Hah. The last one will maybe see the light of day.

* Put together my Ashes to Ashes story, more or less planned & parts written.

Forgot it already… (not really, found some notes)

* Take care of Silver Lace Doily – HP story, to be translated (and finished)


* Give more details to yet another P&P story (not really started properly yet, just some notes in my notepad and a bit of one chapter) – will involve a change of name and desperate measures.

Yeh, this one should be somewhere in the notes…

Now, some of them were already published on FFNet, some only exist in my yWriter or even only on dead trees – in my notepad. I will be publishing them here as soon as I get their stories sorted out and beginnings written properly. Each story will have its own category.


Actually writing: A lot of other stuff. For my latest, see here.

Written by Srebrna

2013/07/24 at 20:36

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