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But If You Can Still Dream

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The “Song for Ten” was my inspiration for that piece. Especially words:

Well I woke up today, and you’re on the other side,
Our time will never come again;
But if you can still dream,
Close your eyes it will seem,
That you can see me now and then…

20 chapters posted on FFNet here, and (not yet all) on my blog – start here.

There are more coming, drafted or half-written already. Grand finale still waiting.

[quasi-spoiler warning]

And so, Doctor and Rose see each other in their dreams, which not only helps them in their solitude, but may lead to, hopefully, something more.

Doctor has Jack to help him in his worst moments, Rose has her parents and coworkers. Both dream and the dreams start becoming more and more intriguing. As they start noticing the strange phenomena surrounding their rest times, the ones around them start to worry.

Written by Srebrna

2013/07/30 at 19:09

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