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Here I’ll be posting summaries of my stories (the more-or-less finished ones) and plans/drafts for the not-yet-written-at-all ones.

Edit 2019-06-08: Wow, a lot has changed since I last updated here. So. Then.


But if You Can Still Dream” (summary)

A Phone Call

Doctor receives a very important call which brings him to Florence.


Still only on FFNet. Elizabeth wakes up in Netherfield, somewhat surprised, as the last thing she remembers is walking the path in Rosings and opening Mr Darcy’s letter. Jane is tending to her and gossips in Meryton and environs runs wild.

I’ve kind of lost the thread with this story – currently written parts include among others a Polish nobleman (very good with his sabre) and his sister (equally good with a pistol) and a vicar-impersonator (good for nothing).

Medical Care

Multicrossover of P&P, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Discworld, Torchwood, Stargate Atlantis and whatever else I manage to add. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish it someday.


“Double Time Trouble”

Two little humanoid girls meet at the multiplanetary multispecies summer camp and, after careful checking with a portable DNA kit they find out they are, actually, most probably, clones. So they decide to switch places…

“Lil Grey Sisters”

If all our dear friends from Seattle Grace (Mercy West) lived in 1800s, ladies would not be doctors, of course, but nurses. They would be the top nurses of the First School of Nursing in whole North America and they would work in the hospital staffed by handsome, flirty and extremely well-off doctors of at least state-wide fame. Sparks will fly, love will be even more forbidden then ever before and Sister Bailey will have hard time not hitting her charges on the head with a stick.

“Sand Between My Toes”

Meredith is in need of an OB. A discreet OB who would keep her secret. So she goes to L.A.

“Total Rollback”

11 was a fluke. He was a warning of what may come. He was… Temporary. And he left Amy with a badly-rhymed prophecy.

“Good Evening”

A P&P story containing “Have a good life” and several other already-posted scenes. Has the beginning AND the finale, lacks the whole middle. I even have the characters sheet.

“Silver Lace Doily”

Harry Potter story I’ve started to write in Polish. Has the prologue (all 5 parts of it), few chapters at the beginning, this and that in the middle and quite tragic parts at the end. No epilogue yet and the level of Mary Sue in the main character is killing me.

Unnamed Ashes to Ashes/LOM story.

New recruit joins Hunt’s team and she seems to know what she is about, quite unlike all others.

P&P/Parents Trap x-over

Self explanatory. Contains “Double Pride Double Trouble” – Mina Bennet and Rose Darcy meet at a camp. The rest is easy to predict. For the time being DPDT is a oneshot.

Written by Srebrna

2013/07/30 at 18:53

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