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Protected: A very fine day

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Written by Srebrna

2019/06/08 at 21:42

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A Tremor

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“A tremor?”

He reaches out to grasp his glass and his left hand shakes.

“A tremor” he confirms.

“Nerve damage?”

“Shot in the shoulder” he taps the spot on his chest hesitantly. “The shot itself… well, I survived. The infection, however, that’s another story.”

Two large, scarred hands grasp his left and turn it palm up, setting his glass aside. Fingers trace the tendons and joints. He shivers, looking away. He doesn’t like people touching the proof of his inability to be who he was supposed to be.

“Trauma surgeon?”

He nods tersely, but the man hums only and releases his hand.

“Neurosurgeon” the other offers quietly, laying his long-fingered hands palm up on the dark wood of the bar. “Car crash. Everything cut up in little pieces.”

He looks at the scarring and turns the other man’s hands this way and that, marvelling at the way they are perfectly steady.

“You had good people working on them” he sighs. “I wish…”

The other man shakes his head, dark hair dancing.

“There are ways back” the man says slowly. “But only at a great cost.”

His left hand shakes as he tenses.

“I’m guessing we’re not talking money here.”

“That would be correct.”

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/18 at 10:43