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I’m a 30+ admin/coder who (apart from having a dayjob) writes, crochets, knits, tries out numerous crafts and watches TV shows.


A bit of this and that – some of my own fanfiction (also posted in other places), some semi-original texts and some articles about writing.


Because I read a lot. And I mean a lot. Both in Polish and in English, prose, poetry, fantasy, mainstream, fanfiction and books on dead trees. And I really like fanfiction, really. But sometimes it hurts my eyes (and brain, and even toenails) to read it, because the authors have basic problems, from spelling, to punctuation, to sentence construction. Or tense usage.

Really, I don’t have much hope of reaching these authors, but maybe, just maybe, my rantings will catch somebody’s eye and that one person will think when they are writing their next story.


I have several other blogs and accounts: – my craft blog – my account on FFNet

Written by Srebrna

2013/07/23 at 18:20

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