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Wordcloud for… Pride and Prejudice

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Because why not, let’s check what will be the outcome from Austen’s original ;)

wordcloud - duma i uprzedzenie

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/27 at 10:40

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An Average Man – wordcloud

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I’ve just posted the penultimate chapter of An Average Man to FFnet and AO3, so I also created the Wordcloud for it.

wordcloud - average man

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/26 at 22:39

Wordclouds ;)

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I saw that someone posted a wordcloud of their story and provided a link to one of the services that create these. Unfortunately that service required Java, and I’m not willing to install that right now.

So I found which works just fine without Java and generated some clouds for my stories.

“A Little Lost” produced this:

wordcloud-little lost

And Double Pride Double Trouble produced… this. After HEAVY tweaking.


Written by Srebrna

2018/07/25 at 18:31

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A Tremor

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“A tremor?”

He reaches out to grasp his glass and his left hand shakes.

“A tremor” he confirms.

“Nerve damage?”

“Shot in the shoulder” he taps the spot on his chest hesitantly. “The shot itself… well, I survived. The infection, however, that’s another story.”

Two large, scarred hands grasp his left and turn it palm up, setting his glass aside. Fingers trace the tendons and joints. He shivers, looking away. He doesn’t like people touching the proof of his inability to be who he was supposed to be.

“Trauma surgeon?”

He nods tersely, but the man hums only and releases his hand.

“Neurosurgeon” the other offers quietly, laying his long-fingered hands palm up on the dark wood of the bar. “Car crash. Everything cut up in little pieces.”

He looks at the scarring and turns the other man’s hands this way and that, marvelling at the way they are perfectly steady.

“You had good people working on them” he sighs. “I wish…”

The other man shakes his head, dark hair dancing.

“There are ways back” the man says slowly. “But only at a great cost.”

His left hand shakes as he tenses.

“I’m guessing we’re not talking money here.”

“That would be correct.”

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/18 at 10:43

The Burning – CH 02

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“There was nobody on the roof with John. I saw him on the edge, I saw him walking around earlier. I saw him. He was talking on his phone and then he called me. And there was nobody else up there with him.”

“Snipers” Molly piped up. “Someone could have been targeting him. That might have been the previous call.”

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Written by Srebrna

2018/07/07 at 13:04

Graph of writing progress of Double Pride Double Trouble

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A graph of how the number of words in my story changed from the beginning (2014, but I started writing it in earnest in January 2018)

The total, including unpublished parts, is now ~220 k words,

The top speed of writing was 6491 w/day, maintained when I was writing Chapter 8:

Another on the podium is Chapter 10, writing speed 5255 w/day, and Chapter 13, the same.

So, this is what happens when slightly-OCD-affected analyst tracks her writing progress.

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/07 at 09:01

The Burning – CH 01 – Sherlock FF

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Something went very, very wrong.
John had seemed, if not happy, then reasonably content with his life.
Sherlock had never predicted something like THIS might have happened. Not in his worst nightmares.
He was the lousiest friend ever, apparently.
At least Mycroft found him something to occupy his mind with, so that he didn’t have to go back to 221B and stare at the walls and the chair, where John Watson would never sit again.

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Written by Srebrna

2018/07/04 at 18:00

Now in writing (too much)

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Splinters (OUAT): Published on FFNet and AO3; WIP; temporary on hold as it somewhat lost the momentum and I can’t seem to wake the muse up.

Double Pride Double Trouble (P&P/Lise and Lotte): Used to be planned for 14 chapters, now I’m on ch 18 who knows what else will happen. 200k+ words. HEA actually reached. You can read without risking much angst. Was supposed to be ~50k words.
Posting on AHA, FFNet and AO3

An Average Man (Sherlock): Random thought that bloomed into a story. By the seat of my pants and all that rot.  Half of what happens in it was not planned, the characters just made it so.
Posting on FFNet and AO3

The Burning (Sherlock): John commits suicide and Sherlock tries to work his way through the pain by taking on an exhausting assignment from Mycroft as political analyst. 16k words now. Not being posted, I’m still carefully reviewing the plot. Shouldn’t go over 20k, but with my stories, who knows…

Regaining Herself (X-men): Just the final chapter/epilogue is needed. Can’t put it together.

Night Terrors (B&B): Needs the final chapter and a picture, still working on it.

Series of Shortest Crossovers: Now closed, but who knows.

Pain and Compassion: Another B&B, where Adam is a patient in a mental hospital and Belle is a nurse.

“The Potatoes” – working title of my original SF novel

Series of urban fantasy stories (in PL) – original stories of mythical creatures living in the cities/modern world

Age of Technology (Les Mis) – started, on hold, but whenever I’m done with the others… Probably.

Memory (P&P) – on hold, I have to rethink the whole premise.

Firsts, Lasts and Onlys (P&P) – the same.

Good Evening (P&P) – for the time being, just 4 short stories and a few random scenes, but I have hopes for it. Modern-day, Lizzy, Jane and Charlotte work as high-class translators for business meetings and evening entertainment and have to work against discrimination, being taken for escorts and general misogyny.

Lil’lee (P&P) – just 2-3 scenes and a general idea of a direction – Mrs Darcy adopts a little girl from the local orphanage…

Sand Between my Toes (Grey’s Anatomy) – Meredith goes to Addison for a consult.

Sailor Moon Opposities (SM) – drafts and pieces, maybe someday.

Written by Srebrna

2018/07/04 at 07:32

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