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Splinters 20: Who is the girl I see

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Elsa was making use of the rare day when she was the last one to leave the apartment as she had a court meeting at eleven.

She was standing in front of the window and making faces. Trying to work out how in the world it might have happened that nobody noticed until now how different she was from her so-called sisters.

Her face was more triangular, her hair tended to be whiter rather than blond, her eyes were set differently and their colour was of course… Blue. Not green.

She squeezed said eyes shut, trying to keep the treacherous tears from falling, but a painful drop or two was already rolling down her cheek.

And yes, her emotional reaction to everything was always quite different from Emma’s and Elena’s. Elena tended to take the obstacles with a shout and a kick, head-on into the adversity, hitting the opposition with a stick. With gusto. Emma was more measured and calmer, but allowed her feelings to take the better of her, from time to time, when situation forced her to.

Elsa couldn’t. She never showed her anger. She never argued. She never swore – at least not in an uncalculated way. Every move was controlled, every word was thought through and even when sometimes she did something not exactly planned, it was always projecting the utter calm. Even menace. But never anger.

She directed all her anger inside.

She burned from the inside with all the stress of keeping herself on a leash. She never knew how to express her more violent emotions in a socially-acceptable way, so ever since she had gained some social graces – probably around middle of the first grade – she controlled herself to the utmost.

By now she knew it was not a healthy way to live, and she knew she would be paying for it sooner or later. But it was already too late and she found herself quite unable to let it go.

She swallowed and opened her eyes, looking at the woman in the mirror with pain-pricked eyes. Her eyes were slightly puffy, but she knew that in ten minutes she could make herself quite presentable and ready for the challenges of a working day.

A deep breath and…

“Don’t be stupid” she said to her reflection. “We have to get Emma to that magical town and she’ll need me to be the reasonable one.”

Her reflection didn’t roll her eyes, of course, but it seemed to present, quite clearly, her own doubt in her decisiveness.

“Yeah. I know. But we have to help her. And not because this may potentially lead me to my parents.”

That hurt. Her parents. Apparently, Emma’s and Elena’s parents had a perfectly good explanation for dumping their daughters in that forest – in another reality – but every time she considered that, she couldn’t but imagine her parents just getting rid of her, for some stupid reason. She had already been a month old, after all. They had a month with her and only then decided to send her away.

She could only hope her family, whatever it was, came from the same world as parents of her “sisters” and so she could hope that if they ever went back to their reality, she could try to track them down and find out what exactly had been going through their heads all these years ago.

She straightened her jacket and scarf, re-applied eyeliner and a bit of colour and checked herself out in the mirror again. Yes. Quite enough of this. Work doesn’t wait.

Written by Srebrna

2017/04/01 at 22:52

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