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Splinters 19: Just around the riverbend

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Emma sat with her head in her hands, trying to work out the way to rationalise the very idea of going to Maine and searching for undefined spot full of supposedly lost fairytale characters, including their supposed parents.

They had good life in Boston.

They had their apartment and Henry had his school and friends.

They had each other, which had been quite enough of a family until now.

They had the stability of knowing what was what and who was who.

And suddenly, there was that guy, very honest and very sure of what he was saying, telling them to uproot everything and go chase fairies.

He was also promising them – at least two of them – their parents.

It seemed too good to be true.

It seemed way too complicated to be a hoax.

It seemed unfair to Elsa.

It also seemed like the only chance they’d ever have to understand what had happened to them.

They knew what August could tell them, true. But on the other hand, when he was sent away with them – if they believed him at all – he had been not much older than Henry was now, so he wasn’t exactly an expert on the delicate details of Enchanted Forest, or whatever the place was called.

They had to check it out.

She banged her forehead softly on the tabletop.

She was supposed to just pick up their lives, unroot them, move everything to another state and find a town that doesn’t want to be found.

She was supposed to then save said fairytale characters and make them remember who they were again. With no knowledge of magic, rules of the magical world, people they would be meeting or basically anything helpful. And the only person who could in fact help them was barely able to stand their presence due to an overwhelming itch in his wooden leg.


Henry was the only one of them who actually saw the leg. Henry was the actual reason why she hadn’t thrown August out that night. Her son saw something in August, he saw the leg and treated it as an obvious, real thing. He was apparently also slightly magical, or at least that was her guess.

She sighed and closed her eyes, trying to calm her thoughts.

She couldn’t just order her sisters around, anyway. If she had that great destiny, maybe she should go on her own, leaving them and Henry back in safety and face the challenges of the strange world alone? The very thought of leaving Henry for any stretch of time made her heart constrict painfully and somehow she had that feeling that freeing a whole town of fairytale characters was not a thing she could just do during one weekend trip and then come back home and continue her life just as it was before.

She shivered at the thought.

Elena has just as much right to go there as I have. These would be her parents, too, after all. And then we can’t just leave Henry with Elsa, because she has to go to work and he has school… Also, it would look like we are abandoning Elsa, because it’s not her family that’s in danger…

That was all so wrong. How she wished August had never found them. They could have been living normal lives, just like they did until he showed up. They could have continued on that good, well-worn path of being parents, employees, sisters. That was stable. That was known. That was sure and safe.

But the thought about Storybrooke seemed so enticing. To find out where they came from. To be the hero. Save her parents and everyone. Be not only a mother and never-exactly-best programmer in the team. To be a Saviour. To win something more significant than a library reading contest.

She wanted to go. And she wanted to stay.

The surface of the tabletop was so shiny and brown. She traced one line of woodgrain softly with her fingers. It didn’t really help, but it did calm down her slightly.

Maybe it will work out. We’ll be able to go to Maine and see what exactly August meant. Then we can leave before they get used to us, if the situation seems unsolvable.

Written by Srebrna

2017/03/13 at 22:46

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