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Splinters 6 – Something quite atrocious

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Something quite atrocious

The very egalitarian society of local primary school had accepted orphans before and would again. None of the children made any remarks about the shabbiness of one’s backpack, or about children wearing the same type of jackets. In general, their peers were quite used to the group ferried daily from the home and back.
There was only one hiccup, as on the first day Emma was separated from her sisters and led to a different classroom.
They asked the teacher in their class, they asked the teacher in Emma’s class, they asked Mrs Hanners and nobody seemed to see any way of putting them in the same group, despite being perplexed with the way the lists were set.
At the end of day four, all three of them were tired and stressed beyond anything they’ve ever experienced before. Emma seemed distracted and managed to lose her lunchbox, Elena suddenly lost the ability to read without vocalising and Elsa’s hands were trembling so much she could not draw a straight line. Even whole evenings spent huddled together on Elsa’s bed, with Emma sandwiched between her sisters, did nothing to help.
On day five they decided not to allow anyone to separate them, however the minute they approached Emma’s homeroom in a group, she was snatched inside and the door firmly shut in the other two’s faces.
Elsa felt herself dragged down to the floor, as Elena sat where she stood and started crying piteously. She herself started shaking with suppressed anger, and the teachers gathered around them, looking disapprovingly, someone even snorting at the sight of them.
“What the…” a larger hand divided the crowd of grownups and a big man entered the circle. “Why aren’t you in the class?”
“O-o-our sister got assigned to a different group” Elsa managed to choke out. “We’ve never… I don’t know…”
“Oh, kid. Your older sister, right? She has to go to another class…”
“No!” Elena wailed. “Emma is eight, like us!”
Tiny, reedy man approached the larger one and whispered something.
“You must be kidding. No. No, why would you think… Oh, man, NO. Ok, kids. You both come with me. You” he pointed a finger at the smaller man “wait for me here. You idiot.”
The sisters learned that the school principal isn’t always the most important person in the school, but it definitely helps to be friends with the most senior P.E. teacher.
The school psychologist learned that running social experiments on separation anxiety may be the shortest way to no-payslip-land, even – or rather especially – when using orphans as his rab lats.
The principal learned that his psychologist was running a side job of small socio-experiments on the pupils and, just in case, hired a lawyer.

Elsa observed the lawyer lady with awe as she strutted down the corridor in her high heels, pencil skirt and blue jacket. Hearing the measured voice, the very sophisticated language and watching the calm, economical gestures of the woman she decided, then and there, that one day she would be a lawyer, too.
Or she would become a hired assassin and kill such women for money. Whichever would pay better.


Written by Srebrna

2016/10/08 at 23:18

Posted in Splinters

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