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But if you can still dream – 18

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I talk of dreams

I talk of dreams;
Which are the children of an idle brain,
Begot of nothing but vain fantasy.
Romeo and Juliet I, 4

Doctor: Narcolepsy

Jack stood in front of a fairly high-strung Time Lord and demanded, openly and directly, to be heard.
“As long as I’m here as a passenger, I don’t want to spend my days considering the chance that you will get us killed. Not that it is a problem – I can buy most supplies anywhere we go, but restarting hurts.”

Doctor finally gave in. He promised to teach Jack proper TARDIS flying, as the method used until now wasn’t working (probably due to TARDIS reacting a bit sluggishly to Jack’s commands). Now he was paying for it.
“The first thing is to understand properly the time-space phenomenons we may come across. Now, you as a Time Agent should have had at least a basic course on this, but I suppose your studies would have been more in area of regulations and practical application. On Gallifrey they taught us to feel the time and to read from that feeling. First you need to understand what various things you might feel – or see on our girl’s sensors, as your human senses may be unable to catch some nuances. Afterwards I will show you how to interpret the printouts, screen readings and, if we manage to, will get you at least a tiny smattering of Gallifreyan. I have to warn you, human brain may not cope well with that.”
“I have lots of free time” the captain joked dryrily. “I can cram when we’re out in the vortex.”
“So” the Doctor rubbed his hands together. “Let’s go bookhunting. You will have tons of reading material before we finish today!”
This sounded like a threat.

In four more hours the heap of books started resembling a small hill and Doctor wasn’t stopping.

Doctor was, in fact, fascinated by the idea. Finally teaching someone to fly his ship, maybe refreshing his own rusty skills and checking, just in case, if everything was working as it was supposed to – apart from chameleon arch, which he knew perfectly well was working by now, with Jack helping with the repairs.
One thing was missing, which was the main primer on multidimensional geometry of closed areas.
He was a tiny bit tired already, but that book had to be somewhere here. Shaking his head he turned to them and suggested they just pile the collected books anywhere comfortable. Both got rid of their burden by the next table and looked at him expectantly as he climber the ladder. He heard their giggling and his hearts jumped a bit, trying not to look at them before he gets the jealousy of his face.
Fortunately he found a distraction and an aim – he had to visit an old friend to retreive the book.
Of course, they made fun of him. As if Ninth obsession with bananas was anything to laugh at. Heroically he left them there, between bookshelves, still trying to get rid of accumulated dust from their hair and clothes… Stop that line of thought, you idiot! They are just friends!
Their conversation quieted as soon as he made the second turn.
Three down, one across, three up, two zobrax and third yellow bricked doorway on the left.
They exchanged silent greetings, three books were returned and a bunch of bananas changed hands – the Librarian kept his stores of fruit on the top shelf of the History of the Ice Giants bookcase.
As Doctor was leaving, he recalled something and turned back, handing his friend a rolled-up copy of “Modern Book Conservation” leaflet. In return, he was handed a modest but still significantly pointy hat.
When he finally got back to them, she looked a bit unfocused and he saw her head jerking as if she tried to look at their friend and just couldn’t. Even as he strode towards them, talking lightly about where he just came from, he saw her body spasm and jerk, so he dashed to her and tried to hold her immobile. Suddenly her head came up and smacked him right in the chin and he shook his head and recoiled from the impact.
“Doctor! Doctor, are you ok? What were you… were you walking around with your eyes closed?”
He drew breath with effort. Feeling slightly weak, he felt around for the object he collided with. Finally focusing his eyes he saw one of the bigger containers, slightly sticking out of it’s shelf, just enough for him to walk into it and hit himself right in the face.
“I think there’s something wrong” he uttered finally. “I think I may be getting ill.”
Jack looked at him with suspicion.
“Was it a Rose-dream again?”
Doctor sat more comfortably with his back to a stack of books.
“Yes. But they seem to get more… more inline with the reality. The first ones were completely disconnected, seemed like dreams. Later they started to be flashbacks of something we did… then corrected flashbacks and now they fit in seamlessly into what is before them. I can’t even start to guess they are dreams, the only indicator is that Rose appears then. And, to tell the truth” he sighed heavily “even when I notice her, I order my brain to suppress the thought of this being a dream.”
Jack sat across from him and propped his elbows on his knees.
“Why? Do you just want to hold on to any contact with her, even like this?”
Doctor scratched his head, leaving his hair in worse disarray than ever before.
“Probably. Yes. But not only. I hope… I hope at some point I can find out what exactly is happening. Some of them just are, but remember, we have that blanket and flipflop. And they were hers, definitely. And used on a beach in France. And I lost one of my jackets, so I suppose it might have gone the other way and she has it now.”
Both sat in silence for a moment.
“Maybe you should get checked out? I know there’s nobody who could help you, really, but maybe TARDIS can check your vitals, to make sure we’re not missing… well, maybe if we tried, we could get her here permanently?”
Doctor’s eyes brightened.


Written by Srebrna

2014/05/27 at 01:00

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