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But if you can still dream – 11

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Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”

George Lucas

Rose – Sleeping gas

As Rose was skipping on one leg, trying to pull her trainer on the other one, Pete was shouting from the car that they were going to be late and Jackie was trying to use her no-nonsense voice and get her daughter to eat something for breakfast, they simply relived everyday morning routine of the Tyler residence. Everywhere around the world parents shouted at their children, people were getting late to their offices and young women tried to get slimmer by not eating the most important meal of the day. None of them, except the Tyler family and a few others, were expecting – or at least knew they were risking – an alien encounter or even interplanetary communication. Every day.

What Rose was not expecting, usually, was getting poisoned. As the Torchwood personnel were routinely vaccined, immunized and tested agains numerous illnesses and toxic substances, nobody cared to remember that the treatments were not perfect and the laboratories were still learning.

On this specific Tuesday they learned something new.

Rose unfastened her seatbelt as soon as Pete’s car stopped by the storeroom side entrance and literally jumped out of the vehicle, catching her bag at the last moment.

“See you at the lunch, Dad. Love you!”

“Don’t be late, Rose. Love you too.”

And she run down the stairs, to the room where the technicians placed the freshest, most exciting and yet untested objects collected recently.

“Good day, Miss Tyler, please enter the code” the guard handed her the number pad.

“Good day, Thomas.”

She shrugged on her lab coat and strolled to “her” table, where lab assistants were piling the most interesting – at least superficially – gadgets and started digging through it.

From the very beginning of her work in Torchwood, ever since she “came back from school” and was introduced to the staff as the boss’s daughter and new lab rat, Rose was lucky. On her second day in the stores, almost as soon as she was appointed her pile of “trash” to sort, she found a power unit which the research department could disassemble, reassemble, copy and mass produce in a matter of weeks, providing easily recharged portable power cells of high endurance. In the following month she was recognised as a human-form-alien-gizmo-detector and promoted, rather rapidly, to an independent position in the organisation. Of course, some begrudged her the fast-track career, but everyone knew (if not admitted it aloud) that it was both earned and most certainly dangerous position. She still went into the front lines, as everyone in Torchwood would in the time of crisis, she held one of the Rift Keys, which enabled her to unlock the power in Cardiff, she talked to the aliens, she explored the crash sites with her father and… and, as this day, she touched the fresh load with her bare hands.

Because it was the only way she could work. No gloves, no matter how thin, let the “touch” through. So she closed her eyes, held out her right hand and let it slide over the accumulated goods. As her assistant was watching, she picked a pen-like container and held it to the lamp.

“Gwen, where did this come from?”

Gwen flipped her PDA open and scanned the list.

“11 cm, metalic, tubular… Ah, yes. The western airport collision last month. They are still cleaning up the debris. It was delivered yesterday, Anna thought it looked unscratched and you might get something from it.”

Rose weaved to the short, washed-out girl at the next table.

“Well, it certainly looks… whole. No marks, no indentations…” she put her thumb on the end. “Just click and write” she pushed the end jokingly and suddenly let go of the cylinder, as a drop of blood appeared on her finger.

“Blasted thing has a needle in it! Gwen, alarm one. Anna, everything from this batch, isolate. Shit!”

The object clattered to the ground, as Gwen was ordering everyone else out, out, out, and it started twisting, as if until-now invisible rings were separating and uniting again. A faint whistling noise was heard as it laid still finally.

“Gwen, Anna? Everyone clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”


“Station three coming to us in a moment. What is going on?”

“The thing frigging… bit me? Injected me? Took blood sample???

Suddenly the room seemed a bit darker.

“Is it smoking, Gwen?”


“It’s getting dark here, but I don’t see any smo…”

She was out before they managed to stop her fall.

She felt as if a truck had run her over.


“Rose? Oh, Rassilion, Rose, finally…” he flipped the screwdriver on and flashed a little light at her eyes.

“Pupils not reacting properly. Damn.”


“We hit… we hit something. Don’t worry. Jack and I will take care of it. Just… Just don’t you worry, ok? Stay here, be still, I put TARDIS to play something for you… Don’t fall asleep, ok? Wait for us. Please.”

He disappeared.

Her head felt as if it was stuffed with lead wool. One huge bump on the left side and probably some bruises everywhere else, too. But she would sit here. Her two favourite spacemen will take care of everything. Must have been something big, to hit TARDIS so.

She was feeling a bit faint and tried to lean her head a bit further back, but she hissed involuntarily and suddenly there was someone behind her, supporting her neck and head with steady, strong hands into which she could simply slide and feel all confident that she will be caught.

The Doctor appeared in front of her and checked her pupils again.

“We have contained the problem, so we can move you now. Captain, Are you holding her securely?”

“I sure am” rumbled the second sexiest voice in the known space. “Now, lean on me, Rose-girl” he caught her more firmly. “We’re taking you to the infirmary.”

She felt Doctor’s hands picking up her legs and both of them moving her to a stretcher she hadn’t noticed before.

“Now, on a count of three! One, two, three, up!”

And suddenly they were in the infirmary, and Jack was holding her head again and the Doctor was moving his sonic screwdriver around the back of her head…

“Do you know how to make a blonde’s eyes light up?” she joked weakly.

“No, tell me?” Jack moved her hair aside as the Doctor picked up some splinter that got stuck in her skin.

“Put a flashlight to her ear” she chuckled quietly, trying not to move too many muscles. “Ouch!”

“That was the last one” Doctor allowed her to roll back face up. “How’s the head?”

“Pounding” she complained.

“We need to keep you company today, I’m afraid. Jack here is ready to drop – he may be tough, but not that tough. So, Captain, off with you – sleep, eat, take a bath. Not necessarily in this order. I’ll stay with Rose and talk to her – she shouldn’t fall asleep at least until I’m sure the swelling has gone down. Shoo!”

Jack smiled, not looking even one bit tired, and strolled out, rolling his sleeves down and fixind the cuffs.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Doctor sat next to her bed and looked at her intently.

“Tell me…” she stopped. “Tell me about Earth. What have you seen on it?”

He pursed his lips and took off the glasses.

“Well… let’s see. As my third self, I had a car. I named her Bessie…”

She was conscious, but wasn’t listening to his words, rather floating along the tone of his voice, that incredible, induplicable timbre. The sexiest voice in the known space.

Finally, he stopped, looked at her, as she stared at him, trembling internally from the emotions that washed through her now.

“I think we can safely move you to some more comfortable location. Please, lead me to some room I could put Rose down in.”

In a few minutes the situation stopped being funny as they faced the same door again and again.

She didn’t care. The double beat of his hearts was enough to calm her down. As he finally gave up and put her down on the cool covers, she could only roll onto her side and curl up. She didn’t notice his turning up the cover or putting her underneath.

She could finally fall asleep, feeling so tired that she could barely lift her head and look around. The oxygen tent over her suddenly felt constricting and she started hyperventilating.

The sounds of general evacuation seeped through the walls of the ambulance and suddenly there was someone next to her. Ah. Good. A Torchwood medic. Nice girl, this Martha. Good doctor and something of a visionary when it came to alien physiology.

“Do you hear me? Nod or blink.”

Rose blinked, afraid of moving within the tent.

“Good. Do you know who I am?”


“Good. Now, I’m going to take a blood sample, look at your finger and then you’ll be shipped to the medical facilities of Torchwood in Liverpool. They are going to analyse the bloody gas you freed and detoxify you. Afterwards you’ll stay, quarantined, until they can be sure there are no lasting effects. I’ll be joining you, don’t worry. I’ll explain them what they need to know. Your coworkers here are trying co catch and analyze the substance you freed. Don’t worry. We’ll sort it out.”

She inhaled slowly and her head cleared a bit. She was covered with something. Something nice, soft, and utterly, completely, alien. Also, to her, quite familiar.


Written by Srebrna

2013/08/03 at 00:11

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