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But if you can still dream – 6

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Swift as a shadow, short as any dream.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream I, 1

Doctor – Nap

Jack handed him the last floorpane and he fixed it in place with the sonic screwdriver. Finally, they were done – the floor under the entrance side of the console was safe and the cables were finally running in somewhat ordered way. He knew Jack would be good for something and it apparently wasn’t only cooking. Hah. He’s just showing off to my girl, trying to sweeten her. But she’s mine, all mine, and if he thinks he may get into her good graces without my consent, he is very much mistaken. Right, dear? He patted the railing, leaned on it, testing its stability, and sighed. Rose would have jumped to create more pressure. He patted the railing again…

…and her fingers covered his in an affectionate gesture.

“It’s good to be home at least” she whispered, looking at the door which have just a moment before closed on a most gruesome spectacle of one group of people trying not to be caught and treated as target for bow practice by other group. Both groups were nasty, vengeful and murderous, so they deserved each other. The only thing they didn’t deserve was their planet blowing up underneath their three-toed feet and this was prevented by TARDIS landing in the right time and place for the Doctor and Rose to get their hands dirty with some hard manual work. So now they stood side by side, covered with dust and grime from head to toe and utterly exhausted. He smiled wanly, gesturing towards the corridor.

“To the bathroom, you stubborn woman. I told you to stay away from this shed, didn’t I?”

“As if you were any better” she shot back. “I could see your hair stand up and sparkle with electricity when you caught that cable with your bare hand. Get yourself to the medbay and check if you didn’t do yourself any damage.”

“If I did, I would know, you… human. My superior physiology enables me to control the state of my body much better than you with your USG and X-rays.”

“Yeees? And who got drunk on this liquor bought at the suuk, two or three planets back? It is totally safe, Rose, I’m sure!” she mimicked. “And the hangover you had, it was once in a lifetime sight!”

“Silent, girl” he placed the cleanest finger on her lips. “Or I will find some appropriate punishment for you. I’m sure TARDIS has some undiscovered room full of dirty dishes, just for you to wash them.”

“Go to the medbay, you crazy alien” she turned and before he could duck, she smacked him on the bottom. “Tag!”

He woke up with a start and the feeling that his backside stung a little. Gathering his surroundings he pulled himself up from the floor on which he apparently sat with quite a force and massaged the offended place discreetly. He sighed, straightened, took off the jacket, threw it on the coat hanger and fell backwards, into his…

..chair. Rose jumped up the steps excitedly, her body still adrenaline-high – he could almost taste it in the air, together with girlish rose-scented perfume, green tea deodorant, the dust on her jumper, the grass on her trainers, her shampoo…

“You were great. We were great!” he exclaimed happily.

“Brilliant!” she smiled widely.

“As always” he squeezed her fingers and, looking at her still smiling face, pressed a soft kiss to them. “My brilliant Rose.”

She turned her palm to touch his cheek.

“My brilliant Doctor” she answered. “But you are nuts, you know?”

“Of course. But you wouldn’t want me different, would you?”


She reached over him for the last packet of peanuts, sitting on the console.

“Hey! Stay away from my peanuts!” he snatched it from her grasp.

“Your peanuts? Your peanuts?! You galactic thief, these are my peanuts, you ate all yours before we left!”

“No way. You ate all of yours, woman!”

“Give. Me. This. Bag,” she uttered slowly, approaching him in a threatening way.

Of course, he was the winner. By virtue of his longer arms. And some well-placed tickling. So he leaned back on the chair, laughing, and she finally lost her balance, and toppled over him, her head landing comfortably just on his arm, her whole body fitting his almost too well. He reached around her on the pretence of putting the bag down…

…and touched Jack’s shirt, as the Captain was trying to pick him up and save him from sliding all they way down from the chair, to the floor and on, into the opened panels.

“I’m not hugging you for good morning, Doc” he observed calmly. “Not without dinner and flowers the day before.”

“I think I need to get to a bed” the Timelord grumbled. “I should stop having naps in this chair, I’m risking my life.”

“Use your own, I’m not sharing!”

“Who are you and what did you do to Jack…?”


Written by Srebrna

2013/07/29 at 12:06

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