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A Phone Call – 4, Pillow Talks

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AN: This was really going to be a oneshot, then it grew an epilogue and a second chapter. And now, you know, I should be packing for my vacation, but every time I go into another room, there is this little plot bunny following me and if I don’t write this down, I’m going to trip on the silly thing.

AN2: If you feel your sensibilities offended by descriptions or references to things two adult and consenting Time Lords may indulge in, go somewhere else.

They stared at the starry ceiling, their heartbeats matching, breaths coming slowly and rhythmically.

“Why Florence?”

She blinked.


“Why Florence? Why not Siena, it would have been closer.”

“The romanticiness.”

“The what?” he rose on his elbow to look at her.

“The romantic quotient of the place. Siena is much lower on the scale. The sunsets are nowhere as pretty there.”

It was his time to blink.


“What are you, Doctor The Parrot? Yes, sunsets. And mists, and sunrises, whatever makes local lovers and sweethearts more lovey-dovey and sweet.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“That is just because it was Toby who got the idea” she smiled sadly. “Time Lord mind, human…”

“…gut instinct. I know. Donna repeated it often enough that night.”

“OK. So there was this guy, a photographer. And he was a widower, his wife died of cancer. And before she died, he took her for a trip, all around the world, the prettiest places, most romantic palaces, museums, bridges, everything. And when she died, he went again on the same trip, to cope with the sorrow. And he took lots and lots of photos. Afterward, whenever he submitted one of his photos for a contest, be it wildflower macro shot, sand at noon or camels by night – he won them all. So someone got suspicious and started to analyze his photos. And they found nothing. But Toby, he got bored at times, so he started to check other parameters than just the picture, and he found out – every and each one of them was taken in a spot of high romanticiness. Kissing bridges, churches… whatever. Each was a meeting spot, or dating lane, or… You see the logic?”

“Go on.”

“Ok. So we went to these spots and took various measurements. And found something. People meeting, smooching, petting and whatevering in such places loaded them with specific energy that made others feel happier when approaching the spot.”


“And Ponte Vecchio is such a spot. Just that. Actually, whole Florence is one big high romanticiness point.”

“Ach. So you took me there to get my endorfines up?”

“Nah. To get my endorfines high enough to be ready before you appeared. I had to be pretty high to call you, after all.”

“You were afraid? Of what?!”

“Oh… that you were out of time. That you were somewhere in the middle of something – probably fifteen somethings. And so on.”

“I see.”


“Where did you get a UK mobile, of all things? If you went through in Siena and just moved to Florence?”

“I took it from home” she reached over the edge of the bed and fished the little phone from her jacket pocket. “See? Vitex.”

“But you are the Vitex princess, after all. Why didn’t you get something…”

“Like, smarter? Snappier?”


“I didn’t want Torchwood to map my movements. I bought a pre-paid, a few of them, used the card up and discarded the phones – sold them in second-hands, too – they never caught up with the changes.”

“But I thought it was Torchwood who helped you to find the right spots?”

She yawned.

“Yeah, as long as Pete lived and I kept a low profile. This non-aging thing kind of got on their nerves. So we did everything we could, we saved heaps of money and after Torchwood cut us off from their resources, we funded our own research.”

“Good thinking.”


“Right. So, Torchwood was spying on you?”

“I’m pretty sure, yeah. We actually managed to pull some of their people, the ones who weren’t secrecy-sworn or anything, so they weren’t happy with us at all. I suppose we weren’t very obscure in out goals – they wanted the technology we were supposed to be developing, as they thought we were making some superior variation of dimension cannon. Some kind that does not need the walls to be already crumbling, like. They didn’t want repetition either, and they have worse grip on the rift energy tapping, too, than Jack has here. So they can’t really use it as effectively. They… snooped, really. But didn’t get any useful data, because we kept all vital information on Toby’s computer and he managed to magic his security somehow and they never got to get in. I think they still don’t know what happened. Our team was paid well and their future was secured in several other development and research labs. I doubt Torchwood would be able to catch up with all of them – the labs we found are pretty strict about keeping things out of government reach. Some of them are in quite distant points of globe” she sighed, rolling on her back. “I hope they are doing ok.”

“Will be.”


“Relatively, from this point of time on planet Earth of your origin, they will be. Hell, some of them are not yet born.”

“Shut up. I’m a Time Lady and I say ‘are’.”

“Nannanna. Make me. I am a Time Lord and I say ‘will’.”

“Oh, yes? You are a Time Lord?” she raised on her elbow.

“Oh, yes.”

“And this makes you better how?”

“Longer experience. And I’m the dominant gender.”

“You are what? Gallifreyans were patriarchal?”

“Not exactly. But female Gallifreyans had a much lower ratio of specimens with proper time and space control, so they usually took care of more… sedentary activities.”

“Like what?” she hissed.

“Laboratories. Watching nearby time and space anomalies. Controlling the bureaucracy. Examination of youngsters. Um. Grading flying exams. And so on. General overseeing of the planetary existence. Mostly. Some of them became politicos and they were scary. And I mean scary. Like, you don’t want to shake their hands because they might take it for political support.”

“And that is why you try to make me change my grammar approach to the fact that Toby kicked me some sixty-or-so years back? No way. I say ‘are’ because that is my continuum with our neighbouring universe.”

“Oh, be quiet, woman. No way I am discussing parallel universes in this bed.”

She smiled at him and batted her eyelashes, dropping her mobile to the floor.

Make me.

They didn’t discuss any universes at all, for quite some time.


He was staring. At her. As she moved minutely, whispered some nonsense or smiled in her sleep. Her body didn’t need it, but she still had to sleep more than him – to keep her psychic healthy, apparently. He didn’t object – it gave him time to recuperate himself, even if he didn’t sleep, he still rested and thought – of her, mainly.

She turned to her side, facing him, and reached out, not opening her eyes. He caught her hand and pressed a quick kiss to the fingers. Hearing her involuntary gasp, he licked them delicately, then more thoroughly, enjoying the delighted little moans she emitted. His lips touched her wrist, kissing it around, the delicate and soft skin of her forearm, the curve of her elbow…

“I always knew you were crazy about licking things, but I never thought it might be… Oh…” she murmured, still not looking. “It’s nice. Mmmrmmmmm…”

“Happy to be of use, madame” he whispered, approaching her shoulder, his lips hovering over the skin of her arm, perfect teeth nipping it occasionally.

“Really lovely” she licked her lips. “But I meant to ask you something. Important.”

“Later” he breathed.

“Oh… Oooummmmyyy…”


“How long do you think we will be living like this?”

“Like what?”

“Don’t go all Doctor-y on me. Like this, like a couple of randy teenagers, which with our respiratory bypasses, double hearts and physiology we can keep up for a long time. I don’t mean I don’t enjoy the sex but I feel we are turning into little more than a honeymooning pair. After all, we should be out there, exploring, helping, solving mysteries, shouldn’t we?”

You shouldn’t, I’m afraid. For the time being, you are down here, exploring each other, helping the other one to understand you and solving the mystery of gallifreyan reproduction without the Loom.”

“That means we are stuck in this?”

“At least I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Take a few weeks. Or a few months. You both deserve them.”

She winked at Rose.

See it this way – you have been waiting for him for the last sixty years or so, haven’t you? Ever since Toby let you discover you were something else?”

“Indeed. But still…”

No stills. You are here. He is here. You will go to him and take your time. Use the peace. You may not have so many occasions in the future, once you start moving.”

Rose sighed and crossed her arms.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

TARDIS blinked and criss-crossed her legs on the ‘ground’.

It is highly probable that you will never stop having high hormone levels and will be both interested in these activities for a long time. It is also probable that the condition lies in you – as soon as you…” she swallowed. “Your body will stop producing these amounts of hormones and pheromones and his organism will respond appropriately.”

“You mean, until I get pregnant, we will continue behaving like little oversexed rabbits?”

The ship avatar looked properly embarrassed.

“Oh, my.”


“She said what?” he rubbed his eyes.

“Exactly this. Overload of sex somehow affected your hearing?”

“No, no… I just…” he covered his face with both hands. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I think we should get moving. We… I hope you aren’t angry, I’d love to spend more time in this way, but I feel things happening around us. You feel it too, I know.”

She nodded slowly.

“Yeah. Kind of general expectation waiting and watching us closely.”

He looked her with a shine in his eyes.

“I love you, Rose Tyler.”

She blinked, surprised.

“I said, I love you, Rose Tyler” he repeated slowly. “I said… I said the thing I couldn’t, then.”

“I was not ready” she whispered, transfixed.

“I’d say, I was not ready” he replied quietly.

“I am wondering…”


She licked her upper lip.

“Why now?”

It was his turn to blink.

“Why did you feel ready now? After all we spent all this time… doing things. Usually people say it in other situations.”

“I’m not ‘people'” he stated with a smile. “And now, I felt ready, because you said it.”

“Said what?”

He reached across the table.

“You said exactly what I have been thinking just a moment before. Nobody ever did this. Never ever. And I mean, nobody.”

She sat, her fingers in his palm, her eyes wide and both of her hearts beating faster.

“Always lonely, even in the crowd of friends.”

“I had never had a crowd of friends. But yes, none of them really understood. Even these of my – ours – species were either too young or on their own agenda. Never followed my calling completely.”

“I will. Forever.”

“I know.”

“And… I love you.”

He smiled crookedly.

“I know.”


“I have a question.”

“Another?!” he moaned.

“Come on, you had your Academy-or-something education in all things gallifreyan, I am a novice. You have to give me the data now and then, timeboy.”

“Ok, shoot. Timegirl.”

She grinned insolently.

“I know you appreciate… Um. Vocalisation.”

“Oh, yeah” he breathed in the perfume she used for her hair. “I simply adore it.”

“So, I have… A little problem. No, not a sore throat. Ok, not from this. But you… You always say my name, and I…” she trailed off, turning her head to the side.

He bit his lower lip.

“I see” he pushed her back into her pillow, and she stared anxiously at him. “You want to have something good to scream when I do this?” his lips caressed her left breast with experience and self-confidence.


“Or this?” he moved to the other breast and used his nimble fingers on the abandoned one.


He leaned over her, his lips slightly parted , watching her face closely. She was so beautiful – eyes half-closed, flushed skin, hair in absolute mess, lips glistening and oh-so-kissable.

He turned her head carefully and slowly licked his way up to her ear.

“When with others, call me the Doctor” he accented this with a quick kiss on her pulse and a nip on her earlobe. “I’m used to it, after all. And it sounds… good. But for you, and only for you, I say my name for the last time” he paused, looked at her and lowered his voice to ha husky whisper. “There will be no other. Nobody, but you, to call me Theta.”

“Theta” she breathed, as if praying. He sensed a slight shock, like electricity, run through his nervous system. His body reacted quite favorably and he suddenly developed breathing problems even his bypass couldn’t fix. “Theta” she used this special accent and tone that told him she was attempting to speak Gallifreyan. Wasn’t good, still, but getting much better over time.

“It is only the short version of my real name” he added quickly, kissing her fingers, trying to dispel the tension.

“What is the full one?” she looked at him with curiosity.

“No way I’m telling you” he protested. “No way I’m having you shout it when you are having your… your Big O. It would be absolutely mood spoiling.”

“As if you didn’t spoil a perfectly good mood just now” she grumbled, sitting up. “You got me all worked up and…”

“Be quiet, Rose, please” he murmured, his mouth descending on hers.

He found his own name an unexpected turn-on, especially when screamed at the top of her lungs. Before and during her Big O. Afterwards she had, indeed, a sore throat.


“Don’t you have any data on women?”

He looked at her with bloodshot eyes.

“The only Gallifreyan female who lived here was my granddaughter. Well, not the only one…”

“Your who?”

“Susan, my granddaughter. Did I ever tell you I was a monk in my previous bodies?”


“Because I weren’t. Well, Susan isn’t really a product of… direct relationship.”

“I gathered that your – our people didn’t really enter into direct relationships. TARDIS said something to that effect once.”

“Well, we didn’t. Not since I can remember at least. We used to, apparently, we couldn’t have just evolved with Looms ready to use, but at some point the correctness, the genetic combinations, the perfecting of the species… well, it became the only way.”

“So you say we have nothing. No idea how long it might take, what… changes I will have to go through…?”

He moved to sit behind her and started gently rubbing her back.

“Maybe we should get some human pregnancy and delivery books and try to extrapolate?”

She sighed and leaned back.

“We could. It could get us some starting point. After all, we are compatible physically, so the delivery should not be very different. Pregnancy, I suppose, may be longer. Much longer, even. There are things I should not eat, probably.”

“I’ll make a list of my personal allergies and get the general list for us as the species.”

She turned a bit to look at him.

“You mean that the whole species was allergic to the same thing?”

“Not really. It is more in the area of poison. As in arsenic. Arsenic for humans, that is. I wouldn’t bet on you having the full processing abilities, but I could eat a few spoonfuls and still would not feel any effect.”

“And if you eat more?” she gasped as he massaged an especially tight spot.

“I’d get sick of the taste. For me it’s like eating a powdered bad breath.”

Rose went slightly green.

“Stop it. And bring me my blanket.”

“Ay, ay, ma-am.”

“Stop. It.”


Written by Srebrna

2013/07/29 at 01:23

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