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But if you can still dream – 3

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“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora (1841)

Rose – Rapture dreams

Rose sat in the waiting room of Torchwood medical centre and leafed through a magazine she found there. Not that it was interesting in any way, but it gave her hands something to do and forced her eyes to focus on something. If not for this, they started to wander, and her memories woke up. Especially one, which she didn’t know anymore if it was a real memory or some combination of facts and wishes. They just managed to escape – rather narrowly – almost certain demise, and were sitting in the TARDIS kitchen, when Doctor slumped forward in his chair, missing his teacup by inches. She propped him up and was greeted with some barely recognisable English, some Gallifreyan and lots of gibberish (which she finally started to distinguish from Gallifreyan). His eyes were bloodshot…
…he was pale, and he looked sick even for a human. Of course, she didn’t know a jot about Timelord health or illnesses, but if one is having problems staying coherent – even for their flawed standards of coherency – and is blinking all the time to keep awake, they should be filled with appropriate medicine – or hot milk with honey – and put to bed. Unfortunately, the height and weight difference made it quite complicated for Rose to make Doctor stay where he was put – and to put him there in the first place.
Finally, TARDIS suggested appropriate mix of several drugs – time-lord-only drugs – and the Doctor succumbed to their power and fell asleep – or as close to sleep as he ever got in her presence.
TARDIS walked her, step by step, through the basics of disengaging from the standard timestream, as the ship could not do this without prior direct programming by the Doctor or a living participant. After Rose pulled the levers she was indicated to, pumped some handle that looked like a bike part, pressed a number of switches and turned several dials from one position to another, the usual hum of flying in the time vortex filled the interior of the ship.
“So, what is the difference?”
‘Nobody can see you. Nothing can hurt you. You have a lot of your subjective hours to recuperate. He is already slowly mending. It will take him less time than your body will need to start function properly again. You can stay here as long as you need.’
So she sat in the kitchen, fixing herself yet another tea and listening to the TARDIS’ instructions as to what to do with the Doctor as soon as he wakes up.
‘You should make him stay outside. No going back into Time. We will avoid being pulled in at all costs. No timelines to fix, no people to save, only him and his rest. You should convince him it’s better to wait here.’
“Any ideas, how?” Rose bit her toast.
‘He must want to stay. You should convince him. Give him reason.’
Of course she could give him a reason. She pondered on it on her way to her room.
She could maintain she feels ill. It would have several possible outcomes. One – they stay in the Vortex indeed, and he tries to cure her. Two – he brings her back to her mother. Three – he leaves her in the TARDIS and goes for his next mission alone…
‘Why did I even consider these options?’ she checked her wardrobe for some appropriate outfit.
‘You are afraid’ stated TARDIS. ‘You should not. Give him the reason to stay.’
He looked much better, but visibly dehydrated. She managed to prop him up a bit and get some water inside him, but not much. He tried to lick his lips, so she gave him another sip of water, virtuously stopping herself from helping him directly with this dry lips problem.
“Mm. Nice” he murmured, smiling slightly. “That is why I need you.”
“To take care of your sorry ass when you catch common cold and look like a week old corpse?”
“Nah. To be able to cuddle with you under the premises of being so weak and helpless, of course.”
“You stinking bas…!”
He put his finger on her lips.
“No calling names. And no yelling.”
“Awright. You stinking rat.”
“Am no rat. Am a timelord” he bit his upper lip lightly.
Rose might have been a good strong girl, but she simply could not let the provocation go unchallenged. She wanted to nip on this lip, taste him…

“Miss Tyler? Miss Tyler…?”
She breathed convulsively. She almost felt his lips, her own still tingled, just a bit, and her mind rapidly tried to acknowledge the fact that she was indeed in the waiting room, not in the TARDIS. That was bad. And noone was daring her to kiss him. That was even worse. That dream was way too realistic and left her with some unfulfilled wishes.
“That’s me.”
“Doctor Harper will see you now.”
Stupid monthly check-ups. Stupid doctor Harper with his frog face. Stupid, stupid Rose.
At least she wasn’t dared to kiss doctor Harper.


Written by Srebrna

2013/07/24 at 20:21

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