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Bad ideas – repetition

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So, as I warned, sometimes it will not be fiction, but my writing-related ramblings. I’ve posted this on G+ long time ago, so, just to start the new category, here it comes:

Oh, come on!

I’m reading a perfectly good story, which has a reasonable plot, no typos, no out-of-character actions, but… IT HAS REPETITIONS! And I don’t mean in the nice way, when one person says X, another says X and so on. Or the Department of Redundancy Dept. No. I mean like this:

The other girls cleared the room and just left Meredith and Carolyn alone. “How are you dear?” Carolyn asked. A lot had happened since they last saw each other when Derek and Meredith were in New York. The engagement, the ferry accident, and so much more.
“I’m great. A lot has happened since we last saw you, but we’ve gotten through it and now I can’t wait to marry Derek. Have you seen him today? Is he ok, he’s not getting cold feet is he? Cause I don’t think I could make it through him leaving me at the altar.” Meredith said, freaking out.

The italics are mine. Now, if it’s once – author slipped. Twice – sounds lame. Thrice – run for your lives, this one just can’t write!

Now, I understand the need. Sometimes you write the narration and afterwards the dialogue just seems to repeat everything. It’s ok. No problem. Just get back to the freaking narration and edit the repetitions out!

I’m not saying my texts are perfect, but as a reader (of innumerable kb a day), I have gained a certain experience in how the texts shouldn’t be written. This one is a tiny leedle pet peeve of me, to tell the truth.


Written by Srebrna

2013/07/24 at 00:20

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