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Links for Double Pride Double Trouble

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Because doesn’t allow us to post links, here’s the set for readers who want to see some visuals for DPDT:

The engagement ring that Elizabeth shows during the party is similar to this one:

(just Lizzy’s has 3 bands, and this one is made of 5)

The gifts that Lizzy got for her birthday:

Ultimate SewingBox is like the Holy Grail of all craft storage.
The piano socks
The musical note tights

This would be Lizzy’s coat. Just colour-adjusted to dark wine.

And this would be the dress, again, colour-adjust to deep burgundy.



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2018/11/25 at 15:15

measuring tape ;)

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In Double Pride, Elizabeth says she has a measuring tape that is flower-patterned. In case someone wondered, it looks like this.tasma

Written by Srebrna

2018/09/26 at 17:04

Miscommunication (Sherlock FF)

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“Miss Anna is stupid.”

Sherlock looked up from where he was trying to undo the largest possible knot that a four-year-old could ever create on her shoelaces and regarded Rosie’s frowny face with curiosity.

“What kind of a crime against common sense could your art teacher have committed?”

A small huff escaped from the pouted lips as Rosie tugged on one of her short plaits.

“She said I couldn’t finish my work at home. And that one picture is enough.”

“One picture is usually enough for your art lessons, isn’t it? Sometimes you even continue to draw the same thing on the next day.”

“Yes, but…” the bottom lip was now out. And trembling. And blue eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

Oh, boy.

If he had Rosie in tears in the changing room, some idiot from the daycare may think he was kidnapping her or whatever they thought in cases like that and no kind of document (he actually carried one, just in case) was going to save him from having John called at that blasted conference of his.

“Come on, little Watson. Tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“But…” she sniffed deeply (with a rather disgusting sound effect that attracted honest looks of admiration from the other children in the changing room). “But it was supposed to be a sup… sulp… you know. The unexpected thing!”


Of all times for John to be away…

“Yes! That one. And if I tell you…”

He finally pulled the resisting laces apart and presented the shoe to Rosie, who pulled it on and started lacing it properly, her tongue stuck out to help concentration.

“But if you don’t tell me, we won’t be able to resolve the problem.”

She finally knotted the laces properly and stood up, allowing him to hand her the light jacket, as the June afternoon promised to be a bit rainy.

“I…” she sighed again, deeply.

Being usually on the morning (dropping-off-at-daycare) shift, he rarely had to deal with little Watson directly after her leaving the supposedly helpful institution. Her state of mind seemed perturbed by whatever the problem was and he felt suddenly underqualified to deal with that case. Sleepy? No problem. Grumpy? Experienced with grumpy. Hungry? Seven solutions, differing by the season of the year and her current preferences. In tears due to a missing sock? He kept spare pairs in his drawer, carefully ordered by the hue. He could even deal with sick, allergic and high on sugar.

But little Watson annoyed with the world at large was a new experience.

“I wanted to finish this” she finally said quietly and yet rebelliously, pulling a folded piece of paper from her small bee backpack.

It looked like a postcard. A postcard on which someone started to draw a flower. A rather nice rendition of a sprig of forget-me-nots, if he guessed correctly – especially when the little artist’s age was taken into account.

“A postcard with a flower, very appropriate, I suppose” he looked at her downcast face and pinched features. “Why wouldn’t Miss Anna allow you to finish it at home? And if she didn’t, why do you… Oh, you smuggled it out of the class? Should we ask uncle Greg to arrest you now?”


Calme toi, little Watson” he pushed her chin up in order to look her straight in the eyes. “Why was Miss Anna so adamant about you not taking this one to finish at home?”

“Because of the sup… the unexpected thing!”

“Ah” he blinked, trying to work out the vagaries of a young female teacher’s mind. “And why do you need two? If everyone else was making one?”

Rosie’s snort and eyeroll betrayed in a second how much of both nature and nurture went into that child’s upbringing. The eyeroll was all John, but the snort was one hundred percent him.

“Because other kids just need one. And I need two!”

He pressed his knuckles to his lips for a moment, looking for the right approach. Little Watson always had a reason. Even if he didn’t see it immediately, Rosamund always had a logical explanation to everything she did, even if that explanation might have been silly for everyone else (he always took her side, though, because, obviously, other people were stupid and they just couldn’t see).

“Very well. Why would other kids need one of these and you need two? What are you going to do with each of these?”

Rosie pursed her lips even more.

“I wanted to give one to Dad and one to you.”

“That’s… nice?” he raised his eyebrows in an encouraging expression. “But… why?”

She made another face (this one was pure John, absolutely), that one that said “silly Sherlock” (or “you idiot” if John was making it).

“Because it’s a Father’s Day card?” she said so softly he almost didn’t catch it.

But catch it he did.

He could predict what the daycare employees did if a child was crying when an adult was picking them up. He wasn’t sure what they did if an adult was the one with the tears in his eyes.

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2018/08/11 at 22:50

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Wordcloud for… Pride and Prejudice

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Because why not, let’s check what will be the outcome from Austen’s original ;)

wordcloud - duma i uprzedzenie

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2018/07/27 at 10:40

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An Average Man – wordcloud

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I’ve just posted the penultimate chapter of An Average Man to FFnet and AO3, so I also created the Wordcloud for it.

wordcloud - average man

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2018/07/26 at 22:39

Wordclouds ;)

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I sam someone posted a wordcloud of their story and provided a link to one of the services that create these. Unfortunately that service required Java, and I’m not willing to install that right now.

So I found which works just fine without Java and generated some clouds for my stories.

“A Little Lost” produced this:

wordcloud-little lost

And Double Pride Double Trouble produced… this. After HEAVY tweaking.


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2018/07/25 at 18:31

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A Tremor

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“A tremor?”

He reaches out to grasp his glass and his left hand shakes.

“A tremor” he confirms.

“Nerve damage?”

“Shot in the shoulder” he taps the spot on his chest hesitantly. “The shot itself… well, I survived. The infection, however, that’s another story.”

Two large, scarred hands grasp his left and turn it palm up, setting his glass aside. Fingers trace the tendons and joints. He shivers, looking away. He doesn’t like people touching the proof of his inability to be who he was supposed to be.

“Trauma surgeon?”

He nods tersely, but the man hums only and releases his hand.

“Neurosurgeon” the other offers quietly, laying his long-fingered hands palm up on the dark wood of the bar. “Car crash. Everything cut up in little pieces.”

He looks at the scarring and turns the other man’s hands this way and that, marvelling at the way they are perfectly steady.

“You had good people working on them” he sighs. “I wish…”

The other man shakes his head, dark hair dancing.

“There are ways back” the man says slowly. “But only at a great cost.”

His left hand shakes as he tenses.

“I’m guessing we’re not talking money here.”

“That would be correct.”

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2018/07/18 at 10:43

The Burning – CH 02

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“There was nobody on the roof with John. I saw him on the edge, I saw him walking around earlier. I saw him. He was talking on his phone and then he called me. And there was nobody else up there with him.”

“Snipers” Molly piped up. “Someone could have been targeting him. That might have been the previous call.”

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2018/07/07 at 13:04

Graph of writing progress of Double Pride Double Trouble

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A graph of how the number of words in my story changed from the beginning (2014, but I started writing it in earnest in January 2018)

The total, including unpublished parts, is now ~220 k words,

The top speed of writing was 6491 w/day, maintained when I was writing Chapter 8:

Another on the podium is Chapter 10, writing speed 5255 w/day, and Chapter 13, the same.

So, this is what happens when slightly-OCD-affected analyst tracks her writing progress.

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2018/07/07 at 09:01

The Burning – CH 01 – Sherlock FF

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Something went very, very wrong.
John had seemed, if not happy, then reasonably content with his life.
Sherlock had never predicted something like THIS might have happened. Not in his worst nightmares.
He was the lousiest friend ever, apparently.
At least Mycroft found him something to occupy his mind with, so that he didn’t have to go back to 221B and stare at the walls and the chair, where John Watson would never sit again.

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2018/07/04 at 18:00